FingerPlay Youtube Demonstration

I should have done a video showing off my Android application FingerPlay MIDI myself, but I simply haven’t had the time for it yet. Luckily Mooreshire did it instead, which leaves me with more time to fix bugs. So a big thanks to him for posting this quick demo!

1-bit flash code for LEDs

I’m waiting for my girlfriend’s brother’s wonderful LED device to arrive but in the meantime I’ve prepared myself for it by creating some tiny 16×24 Flash effects which I hope can be reproduced with LEDs. I coded the classic demo rotozoom and fire effects with 2 colours and some cheap dithering added on top.

Added a new fire with proper Floyd-Steinberg dithering. Now I just need to fix the OpenGL code for FingerPlay.

Oh, and I need to update the blog with Mandy’s new design. Too much to do but not enough minerals..

Beardyman Mini mix @ Annie Mac

I’m seeing Beardyman at Cargo on Friday and to warm up for it I ripped this amazing mini mix he did for Annie Mac’s Mash Up on Radio 1.

Beardyman Mini Mix @ Anni Mac’s Mash Up – Live on Radio 1 04-03-2009


Scatman John- ‘Scatman’
Run DMC vs Jason Nevins- ‘It’s like that’
Deadmau5- ‘The reward is cheese’
Aphex Twin- ‘Windowlicker’
Leftfield- ‘Phat Planet’
Unknown- ’50,000 watts’
David Bowie- ‘Let’s Dance’
Chase & Status- ‘Eastern Jam’
Radiohead- ‘The National Anthem’
Pharcyde- ‘Passing Me Bye’
Jay-Z-’99 Problems’
Dizzee Rascal- ‘Fix up Look Sharp’
Chase & status vs. capleton- ‘Duppy Man’

Here he is live at Cargo last year:

A 45 minute mix

When the cat’s away the mice run all over the decks and record a mix. My housemate was gone for a few days so I used his computer to record a mix in the front room. Please excuse the static noise in the beginning of it, but running a long cable from a rubbish mixer all the way through the house up to my friend’s computer has its downsides. Two actually, one being the static noise and the other being trying to rush to the toilet in the middle of the night without tripping on the cable and pissing yourself.

Tracks include:
Thomas Schumacher – Picanha
Nari & Milano feat Max C – Disco Nuff (Flow Mix)
Mowgli – Pa Pon Pon (Chris Keaser Mix)
Alucard – About Monster

Anamanaguchi – Dawn Metropolis

I seem to fall in love with anything 8-bit retro these days which probably stems from growing up in that era, but I guess one more post about it can’t hurt. Two kids from New York made an album using guitars, drums and a NES. The music isn’t bad in itself but I really like the 8-bit styled videos for each track.