Tips For STD Positive Singles

Most STDs are treatable, but there are a few for which there are no cure. These STDs are HIV, herpes, and HPV. There are millions of singles around the world that have to contend with these diseases for the rest of their lives. Many of these infected singles want to be able to experience the same social and romantic experiences as STD negative singles. The great news for positive singles is thanks to public education and initiatives regarding these diseases, most positive singles understand that they can experience many of the same experiences in their romantic life as STD negative singles are able to.

However, positive singles have to contend with the fact that they will have to take certain precautions in order to protect their partners. These singles will also have to engage in a bit of pre-planning before they embark upon dating. Here is what positive singles need to expect and consider when they are embarking upon their new romantic lives.

How To Find Romantic Prospects

STD positive singles in most cases can find romantic prospects in the same manner as STD negative singles can find theirs. However, positive singles need to have the maturity and the integrity to inform their negative partner of their STD positive status. While it’s never easy to have these conversations, it’s up to the STD negative partner to determine if they would like to embark in a relationship with a positive partner.

For example, some people don’t mind having a relationship with someone who has herpes or HPV. As long as sexual health precautions are exercised, there is no real danger in transmitting these diseases. However, many people would take a pause when they are considering dating someone who is HIV positive. The HIV positive single needs to respect these considerations. Since HIV is a life-threatening condition, these singles might consider finding other HIV positive partners to date.

Finding Other Positive Singles

Sometimes, the prospect of trying to find a romantic partner who can accept one’s STD positive status is too draining and in some cases, lonely and heartbreaking. This is why positive singles do well when they find a partner through a dating service that caters to those who are STD positive. Since singles who join these services live with their own diagnoses, they won’t judge others harshly. They will be compassionate and accepting. These dating services can offer respite to anyone who has ever been shamed or hurt by someone who found out about their STD positive status.

Precautions That Must Be Considered

A positive single who is new to dating with their diagnosis might be curious about the precautions that they need to take in order to keep their partner safe from infection. The positive single needs to consider how their condition might be transmitted, in order to protect their partner. The positive single needs to keep a supply of condoms on hand. Buying condoms is nowhere near as shameful as it used to be. The general public understands that using condoms can save lives, so these items are readily available.

The positive single needs to keep in mind that it might not be wise to engage in certain sexual and non-sexual acts. For example, if a positive single is HIV positive, then it might not be in anyone’s best interest for a HIV positive single to plan a date that involves risky activities that might cause bleeding. This is a simple example, but the positive single needs to not only provide solutions for any risks that might come up, but they also need to continually educate their partners about any health precautions that need to be implemented into the relationship.

The truth is that with the proper precautions, and with proper STD dating etiquette, positive singles can enjoy a rich and fulfilling romantic life as much as anyone else can.